Life’s Too Short for a Bad Apple

Brickwall Cider Company is a Pacific Northwest business specializing in hard ciders produced from fresh pressing locally grown apples. We strive to make the best traditional, farmhouse, and dry ciders and apple wines made from the all-natural ingredients.


Freshness in every bottle


The Yakima and Willamette valleys are the perfect climate and environment for growing the highest quality apples for cider-making. We press all of our own juice for every batch. Our cider brings the freshness of the orchard to the bottle with every taste. The name “Brickwall” is inspired by the rich history of traditional brick walled cider houses and rustic cider-making.


We see cider as a part of our American heritage and important to continue that tradition as authentically as possible. In the future, we hope to expand into our own orchard lands and cultivate delicious rare and heirloom apple varietals.

Fresh Pressed and All-Natural


Our current method of cider making is to take Pacific Northwest apples, grind them into a pulp, and press that in our DIY built rack & cloth press. This produces the freshest juice possible going into fermentation. We consider cider made from fresh-pressed juice superior because it produces a product with bright and complex apple notes and flavors. We love every tart, bitter, and sweet aspect of the apples we use. Our recipe is simple, fresh pressed juice, yeast, and time.

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